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Wear a fascinator at your wedding instead of a veil or tiara.

Yes, you can wear a fascinator to a wedding–whether it is your own wedding or you are attending one. With the popularity of this fashion accessory rising, more and more women are choosing the decorative hairpiece over the traditional long veil or tiara.

Wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles.

Even Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall wore a fascinator at her own wedding to Prince Charles on 9 April 2005.

A wedding fascinator most likely features lace or a veil that extends across the forehead or down the side of the head when worn. It can also feature flowers (silk or real), feathers, Swarovski crystals, ribbons, or even jewels.

Fascinators for the Bride

What’s nice about a fascinator is that it can remain in place throughout the event, whereas a traditional veil is generally removed or bunched up for the sake of mobility. Miss Meredith Sweetpea had a cathedral length veil at her own wedding, but removed the long veil and replaced it with a fingtertip-length veil for the reception. With a veiled fascinator, you can wear your divine creation all day or evening.

Dos for a Wedding Fascinator

  • It is best to keep your fascinator design simple. After all, people want to see your glowing smile at your wedding! Avoid flashy decorations like lots of rhinestones and large feathers. A simple veil, flower or bow would suit your dress the best.
  • If you have short hair or an updo, a smaller fascinator looks best, and a headband style is easiest. For longer, flowing hair, you can experiment with larger styles and different types of clips.
  • Another reason to choose a smaller fascinator is that the bride usually stands to the left of the groom at the altar. Since most fascinators are worn on the right side of the head, you won’t want to block your guests’ view of your faces as you exchange vows.
  • Try to match an element from your wedding dress to your hat. If you have a colored sash, choose a white fascinator with just a hint of that color for accent. If your dress features fine lace, mirror that lace in the fascinator. If possible, use the same fabric from your dress in your fascinator.
  • Be sure to secure your wedding fascinator in your hair. It may come with an elastic band, hair comb, clip or headband, but add a few pins to make sure it stays in place so that you look your best. (See Meredith Sweetpea’s blog about How to Wear Fascinators for ideas.)
  • Spray your hair lightly before attaching the fascinator for extra security, and spray again around it afterwards.

Don’ts for a Wedding Fascinator

  • If your fascinator comes with an elastic band, be sure to wear the string to the back of your head, and perhaps hide and secure the band under your hair. Never put the string under your chin or you will look like you are wearing a party hat!
  • Keep your wedding veil fascinator simple. Now is not the time to go for a birdcage on your head or a bright color. A simple white or cream to match your dress is the best choice.
  • Avoid a long veil attached to a fascinator. It is too much and too heavy for the accessory or the look.

Fascinators for Wedding Guests

The biggest rule about wearing a fascinator if you are a wedding guest is to select one that is not too large. This would impede the

Is this a wedding fascinator “don’t”?

sightline of other guests during the ceremony, would draw too much attention from the bride, and would most likely become cumbersome as the day wore on. It is best to select a demure hat that flatters not only your face and hair style, but compliments your outfit as well.

Who can forget the comment-provoking fascinators worn by Prince Andrew’s girls, Eugenie and Beatrice at Catherine Middleton’s royal wedding to Prince William.

Although hats are not commonly worn at U.S. weddings by anyone but the bride and her bridal party, they are almost mandatory in other countries, such as the United Kingdom.

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