Daily Manners Quiz

Good manners serve all.

Most people think they already know enough about manners and etiquette…but do they?

Take our fun Daily Manners quiz to see how much you know!

1. When do you place your napkin on your lap?
a. immediately after sitting at the table
b. when your food arrives
c. after the host or guest of honor does

2. Where do you place your napkin at the end of the meal?
a. on the back of your chair
b. to the left of your plate, unfolded
c. in a heap on your seat

3. When seated at a formal table, a guest should give equal time to those seated to his or her immediate left and right.
a. true
b. false

4. Where should the soup spoon be placed when finished?
a. on the table
b. in the soup bowl
c. on the under plate

5. Is your bread plate located to the left or right of your own plate?
a. to the left
b. to the right

6. You should butter your entire roll or bread at once.
a. true
b. false

7. If you are at a formal dinner with many courses and don’t know which fork and knife to use, you should:
a. discreetly watch the host or the other guests
b. ask the host or server for assistance when each course arrives
c. start with the silverware located farthest from the plate and work your way inward.

8. To signal your server that you are finished with your meal you should:
a. place your fork and knife together in the center of your plate, at a slight angle, with the fork to the left with the tines up
b. place your napkin on your plate and push your plate away from you
c. summon the server with a wave of your hand

9. Where do you place your used toothpick after eating hors d’oeuvres?
a. in the nearest potted plant
b. back on the serving platter
c. in your napkin or a nearby receptacle

10. If you are the guest of honor and someone has made a toast to you, should you toast to yourself?
a. yes
b. no


1. a. When seated, place your napkin on your lap. The server may also do this for you when seating you.

2. b. After your meal, place your unfolded napkin on the table to the left of your plate. If you leave the table during the meal and plan to return, place your napkin in your chair seat.

3. true. A dinner guest should make sure to give equal time to guests seated immediately to their left and right

4. b or c. A soup spoon can be left in the soup bowl or placed on the serving dish beneath it.

5. a. Your bread plate is located to the left of your own plate. A quick rule of thumb is “solids to your left, liquids to your right.”

6. b. You should not butter your bread all at once. You should place some butter on your bread plate, and break off bite-sized pieces of bread and butter those pieces individually as you eat them.

7. c. then a. At a formal dinner, your dining utensils are set up to be used from the outside inward toward your plate. Each course should be supplied with its own utensils. If you still are confused, watch your host or hostess to see what they do.

8. a. When you have finished your meal, place your used fork and knife together at a slight angle on your plate. This will signal your server that you are finished and that the plate may be removed.

9. c. Your host should provide a receptacle for used toothpicks. If one is not provided, place the used toothpicks in any nearby trash receptacle or wrap them in your napkin for disposal.

10. b. When a toast is made to your honor, you should sit quietly and not drink to yourself. After the toast you may rise and give comments.

How did you do on our Daily Manners quiz?

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