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Miss Meredith Sweetpea was pleased to have been cited in a nationally-trending article on May 16, 2018 titled: “Royal Wedding: What is a fascinator and where can I get one?” by Debbie Lord, Cox Media Group. In the article, Lord refers to the rules for wearing fascinators as posted in our own extremely-popular blog post titled: “How to Wear a Fascinator.”

As any good royal watcher knows, hats or fascinators are required headwear at any royal wedding in England. This gives us many opportunities to view the stunning fashions that will appear in the wedding venue and among the many people hoping to catch a glimpse of the royal couple.

Fascinators can be worn during the wedding ceremony since they are small enough not to impair the view of people sitting behind. Weating a large hat would be impolite. Fascinators can also be worn the entire day, both inside and out, as they are part of the entire outfit.

Fascinators are generally about four to five inches across at the base, and are either attached to a headband or a hair clip of some sort, and perched atop the head.  A headband itself is not considered an appropriate head covering. A hat would cover the entire head.

Why Do Royals Wear Hats and Fascinators for Formal Occasions?

“When it comes to a special occasion in British society, the special occasion is not complete without a hat,” said Hilary Alexander, fashion director at The Daily Telegraph. No formal attire is complete without a hat, no matter whether you are a royal or a member of the public.

black-fascinatorAccording to the BBC, it is part of royal protocol to wear a hat to all official occasions.

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Can I Wear a Fascinator at My Wedding? | Meredith Sweetpea | Manners & Etiquette

Wear a fascinator at your wedding instead of a veil or tiara.

Yes, you can wear a fascinator to a wedding–whether it is your own wedding or you are attending one. With the popularity of this fashion accessory rising, more and more women are choosing the decorative hairpiece over the traditional long veil or tiara.

Wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles.

Even Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall wore a fascinator at her own wedding to Prince Charles on 9 April 2005.

A wedding fascinator most likely features lace or a veil that extends across the forehead or down the side of the head when worn. It can also feature flowers (silk or real), feathers, Swarovski crystals, ribbons, or even jewels.

Fascinators for the Bride

What’s nice about a fascinator is that it can remain in place throughout the event, whereas a traditional veil is generally removed or bunched up for the sake of mobility. Miss Meredith Sweetpea had a cathedral length veil at her own wedding, but removed the long veil and replaced it with a fingtertip-length veil for the reception. With a veiled fascinator, you can wear your divine creation all day or evening.

Dos for a Wedding Fascinator

How to wear a Fascinator | Meredith Sweetpea | Manners & Etiquette

Catherine Middleton wears a fascinator

Ever since the wedding of Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge in April 2011, there seems to have been a renewed fascination with fascinators. But who knew there were so many things to know about them…

What is a Fascinator?

A fascinator is a small headpiece that is generally worn on the right side of the head. It is often made from beads, ribbons and feathers and can be attached to headbands, combs, elastic or clips.

A fascinator is not a hat

A fascinator differs from a hat because a fascinator is a decoration mounted on base like a comb, headband, elastic or clip, and attached to the head.

How is a fascinator worn?

A fascinator can be worn in many ways, but generally is affixed to the front or side of the head. It looks best when worn just above the eyebrow. If a veil is attached, the veil may fall just below the eye.

It can also be worn as a tiara or towards the back of the head is the hair is dressed in an updo or has a chignon or curled style.

A fascinator looks best when worn to the side or back of the head. If it is placed on the top of the head it would unfortunately look like the person’s head sprouted feathers or flowers!

Quick rules for styling a fascinator

  • Keep it in proportion to your head, body, and hairstyle size. For example, if you have a big head or big hear, do not wear a dainty fascinator. You would look better with a larger style.
  • Keep your hairstyle simple so it does not distract from your fashion accessory. A simple ponytail, a slicked-back style, or a slightly-curled free-falling style look best.
  • Keep it stylish and classy. There is no need to sport a 3-foot ostrich feather off the top of your head! Start small and simple.

Kate Middleton revives “the fascinator” look

How to wear a comb-based fascinator

  • Back comb or tease the hair slightly on the side of the head upon which you intend to place your fascinator. This provides a stronger and thicker base on which the fascinator comb can grip.
  • Push the comb slightly in the opposite direction before you slide it into place. This picks up more hairs and weaves them between the comb’s teeth, ensuring a firmer grip.
  • Spray hairspray onto the area around the comb, avoiding spraying the fascinator itself. This will help the comb and hair stick together.
  • If necessary, place a few hairpins to strategically hold the comb in place.

Sarah Jessica Parker wears a fascinator

How to wear a headband-based fascinator

Generally, headband-based fascinators attach securely to the head and are small enough to be discreet. Prepare the hair by pulling it back away from the face before attaching the fascinator.

How to wear an elastic strap fascinator

If your fascinator features an elastic strap, be sure to position the elastic behind your head, either at the nape of your neck or behind your ears. Never — under any circumstances — wear the elastic under your chin. It may help to secure the elastic with a bobby pin.

Where to wear a fascinator

Wondering where to wear your fascinator? Here are a couple of ideas. It works as a stylish alternative to the usual hat and serves as a great conversation starter!

  • Wedding
  • Cocktail Party
  • Art Opening
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Garden or Tea Party

Etiquette of wearing a fascinator

Yes, there are etiquette rules for wearing any type of hats or fascinators. Please remember that others cannot see through your fabulous headwear, so out of kindness for others who may want to watch the goings-on, do not wear a fascinator at the symphony, movie theater, or any occasion with stadium seating.

Here’s another rule of thumb. If you are taller than your escort, you may not want to wear a towering fascinator.

Miss Meredith Sweetpea was delighted to have tried on a wide variety of fascinators on her trip to Ireland just prior to the royal wedding.

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