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Miss Meredith Sweetpea was delighted on a recent trip to the book store to find a Second Edition of the popular Emily Post’s Essential Manners for Men  book available. Subtitled “What to Do, When to Do it, and Why,” by Peter Post, the book was just released in 2012.

Good Manners Make the Man

She does love good manners in a gentleman, and knows that good  manners DO make the man.

In Essential Manners for Men, Peter Post, etiquette expert, and great-grandson of etiquette expert Emily Post, explains why manners are extremely important for today’s man. In entertaining and informative short entries, he explains how make the right decisions in every situation with these simple-to-follow guidelines, entertaining personal stories, and sidebars. Peter even gives actual example of what you should do or say.

Current updates in this New York Times bestseller include:

  • Social Media: social networking, gaming and the world of online dating
  • Communication in Person: greetings, handshakes, how to make a great first impression
  • Mobile Communication: texting, e-mailing, using smart phones
  • Life changes: dealing with bumps in the road from divorce to layoffs
  • Weddings: the man’s role from groom to best man to usher, the bachelor party
  • Entertaining: dining and tipping

Keep reading to learn what embarrassing topics men have to deal with.

What is the Etiquette Rule on Embarrassing Topics?

This book covers everything you can think of…even Meredith Sweetpea had to laugh at some of the contents discussing etiquette rules on embarrassing topics including:

  • Passing gas
  • Scratching what itches
  • Spitting
  • Grunting
  • Leaving a pool of sweat

Are these truly male problems, or are women sometimes guilty of these manners infractions as well?

Good Manners Never Get Old

On the other hand, the book covers the all-important evergreen topics of:

  • The All-Important Handshake
  • Appropriate Tipping
  • Doing the Little Things that Matter
  • The Ideal Escort: Appreciative and Attentive
  • Table Manners
  • Social Networking
  • Acing the Interview

Meredith Sweetpea encourages all men (and women) to read this book, and apply the lessons learned within. Wouldn’t it be a much nicer world to live in if everyone displayed their good manners all the time?

Peter Post is a director of the Emily Post Institute and author of five etiquette books.

Have you had any manners dilemmas of your own? Tell us about them.


Order Your Copy of the Nationally-Best Selling Book
“Emily Post’s Essential Manners for Men,” Second Edition here!


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