Be Careful What You Post on the Internet

girls-drinking-Meredith-SweetpeaSocial media is fun. It’s a blast to post everything you’re doing and to get “likes” from your friends and followers. Social media can also be a problem, however, depending on what you post.

The National League of Cotillions* states that, “While it is tempting to create a wild or crazy video of yourself, you need to consider the bigger picture. What if, a few years from now, you send your resume to a large corporation and they do an Internet search as part of their due diligence and up comes an offensive video with you as the star? Well, there goes your job!”

But I Deleted That Picture/Video!

“You may say, ‘Well, I had that deleted.’ Good luck! Virtually everything you have ever posted on the Internet is still on someone’s hard drive–and it can be retrieved. This includes what you have posted on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and every email you have ever written.”

“This is why you need to treat yourself and others with honor, dignity, and respect.”

Other Reasons to Watch What You Post Online

You’ll Ruin Your Reputation

As you develop your career, your reputation can become one of your biggest selling points. If what you said, and what people can find in your posts and pictures differ, your credibility and reputation will lose trust and limit your future opportunities.

Your Posts are Searchable

With enhanced search features on social media sites, the items you post are now searchable by more and more people. Things you hopes would go away can suddenly reappear.

All Content is Shareable

Those embarrassing photos you thought you were funny ten years ago are resurfacing and being shared among your friends, family and co-workers. But they are no longer funny–or relevant. You have grown up (hopefully) and these posts and photos can do irreparable harm to your current and future possibilities. Do you really want that picture of you and your drunk friends popping up when you’re running for political office? Miss Meredith Sweetpea thinks not.

Nothing is Private

Even if you send an email, text or post to a close friend and ask them to keep it private, there are no guarantees that it won’t show up somewhere else. Items posted on electronic devices are not secure and anyone may be able to get their hands on what you thought was secure.

You can write it off today, but will you be able to do so tomorrow? Think ahead when posting to social media. Protect yourself against future problems by acting in a mature and responsible way that is consistent with your values.

*Excerpted from The Official Book of Electronic Etiquette




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