What’s the Big Deal About Wearing Sweatpants?


Actress Kate Walsh — sloppy or chic?

Miss Meredith Sweetpea grew up with a Southern grandmother who required certain standards for a lady. We were to smile prettily, be dainty, and look our best at all times. Why, she wouldn’t think of going to the grocery store without first applying lipstick. And remember the television show “Father Knows Best?” The mother always wore a dress–and pearls–even around the house. I know, it’s a glorified image of life in the 1950s, but why not uphold a standard?

When did we transition from looking our best to looking our worst? And when did it become okay?

Travel through any city or visit any airport and you can be appalled at the number of people who think that wearing sweatpants is either a fashion statement or an acceptable way to dress. My grandmother would be horrified! She would say it was downright lazy.

“But what if I want to wear sweatpants at home?” you ask. Miss Meredith Sweetpea is all for comfort when in your own home, and when you are alone, you can certainly do what you please. However, take into consideration the feelings of your beloved spouse. Does he or she really want to see the sloppy side of you all the time? I imagine not. Don’t they deserve the effort you would put forth for strangers?


Actress Eva Mendes — casual and classy

Here’s an excerpt from an article that appeared in the Huffington Post that exemplifies this point:

If you think Eva Mendes spends her time at home with Ryan Gosling lounging around in a pair of old college sweatpants, you’re wrong.

Mendes made it clear she is not a aficionado of the baggy casual wear while speaking with “Extra” host AJ Calloway about her style. After the 41-year-old actress told Calloway she gravitates towards dresses and skirts, he asked if she ever opts for anything a bit more relaxed behind closed doors.

“No, like, lazy sweatpants at home? T-shirt?” he asked.

“No, no no,” Mendes responded. “Sweatpants? No, no, no, no, no. You can’t do sweatpants. No. Ladies, number one cause of divorce in America [is] sweatpants. No. You can’t do that.”

The star also recently told Redbook magazine that she manages to wear makeup every day. “I do, and I pride myself on a fast routine,” she said. “I start with tinted moisturizer, then I dab on a bright pink cheek stain, which makes my skin come alive. And I always need concealer, because no matter what, I have dark circles. I made peace with that a long time ago.”

If you are in the habit of “dressing down” at home, try “dressing up” for a change. It doesn’t take much effort to choose a coordinating outfit, put on a little makeup or cologne, and fix your hair or shave your face. Leave the sweatpants for the gym. You’ll be shocked how good it makes you feel. And don’t be surprised by all the extra attention you’ll receive from your spouse!


2 Responses

  1. I personally don’t dress up. I can’t afford it. Once we dressed up to attract attention of our coworkers and boss – now we don’t need to because we all earn minimum wage and our boss who earns ten times as much as we do would rather outsource us to China.


    • Thank you for commenting, graceful reader. In response, dressing up doesn’t necessary mean donning your finest. It can also mean taking care in how you look in terms of cleanliness, neatness of dress, and proper grooming. You don’t have to spend a lot — or even any — money to do that. I agree that we used to be required to “dress” for our jobs, Miss Meredith Sweetpea herself used to wear a suit every day to work. But even though we are a more casual society, image still counts.


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