How to Be a Gracious Holiday Guest | Meredith Sweetpea | Manners & Etiquette

holiday-party-guestsNow that the holidays are upon us and we’re invited to many festive occasions, it is good to remember that even during this time of revelry that manners matter.  It behooves you to be a good guest, whether you are attending a social function or a business one.  Here are some tips that will make you a favorite guest.

Get there on time

It is not fashionable to be late for a holiday party, no matter what you’ve heard. Respect your host and their schedule by arriving at the designated hour.


Upon receiving an invitation, respond with your answer on whether or not you will attend. The host needs a correct count in order to provide the appropriate refreshments and accommodations. If later you cannot attend, please contact your host as soon as you know and apologize that you cannot attend. It is not necessary to explain why.

Dress appropriately

The holiday party is generally a bit fancier than usual, however, your invitation should indicate if there is a particular dress code (black tie, costume, etc.). In any case, make an effort to look festive. Put on your holiday sweater, glittery jacket, or holiday tie. It’s a holiday celebration!

Enjoy what your host has planned

Many hosts and hostesses create themes, or include games or requests of their guests. Play along rather than sit in the corner. It will be fun and you’ll add to the festive spirit for both yourself and the group.

Don’t bring uninvited guests

Most hostesses carefully plan who will attend their events and your invitation should indicate whether you are invited individually or you are allowed to bring a guest (or plus one). It is permissible to ask the hostess’s permission to bring a guest if one is not specifically indicated, but abide by her ruling.

Bring a gift

It is good manners not to arrive empty-handed. However, don’t expect your host or hostess to use your gift at the party. They have planned the menu and wine list. Make the gift something they can set aside for their own use later on.  Fancy chocolates, a flowering plant or a handmade item make appropriate gifts.

Miss Meredith Sweetpea loves holiday parties. It’s the time to share with friends, look back on the year that was, and build excitement for the new year to come.


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