TableTopics, A Great Way to Start a Conversation | Gracious Living

Now that we know what topics to avoid, (see “Conversation Topics to Avoid“), just what can we talk about in polite society?

Miss Meredith Sweetpea came across a wonderful little invention called “TableTopics: Questions to Start Great Conversations.”

TableTopics is a Fun Way to Start a Conversation


Stuck for conversation ideas?
Try TableTopics

In each little 4″ acrylic box, you’ll find 135 game cards offering suggestions for conversational topics. They ask questions like, “What did you get into trouble for the most when you were young?”, “Is intelligence or common sense more important?”, and “What was your strangest date ever.” The game was created for adults, but is appropriate for anyone age 12 and up.

Currently, there are numerous editions available, including the Original set, Dinner Party, Foodies, Non Your Mom’s Dinner Party, INFOMANIA Family and Sports editions, Do-It-Yourself Therapy, Happiness, Couples, Girl’s Night Out, Teen, and the Heroes editions in full size.

In travel size, you can find Celebrate, Travel, Kids, Road Trip, Deal Breaker, Pillow Talk, and the Place Cards editions.

It’s fun to ask and answer questions, and it is certainly a great way to get to know your family and friends better.

Here’s the link to TableTopics Dinner Party version. After all, if we’re going to have a Downton Abbey-like dinner party, we may as well indulge in “appropriate” table conversation.

Order TableTopics Dinner Party here


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