New Baby Etiquette | Manners & Etiquette

image of mom at home with babyWe are all awaiting the birth of Prince William and Catherine’s–and England’s–royal baby, Miss Meredith Sweetpea among them. And this got Miss Meredith wondering about new baby etiquette.

8 Tips to New Baby Etiquette

Here are some quick tips to help new moms and dads adjust to their new–and hectic–schedule.

1. Always call first. New moms and dads have irregular schedules and often sleep at odd times. Drop ins can add to their stress levels.

2. Wash your hands thoroughly, even if you’ve just washed them before arriving.

3. Make your social call a quick one, under 20 minutes.

4. Don’t bring your own children. This will only add to the confusion.

5. Keep your suggestions to yourself. You might think you’re being helpful, but often these suggestions overstress the new parent, or make them feel inadequate. If they ask for advice, keep it positive, and encourage your friends along the way.

6. Feed and nurture the new parents, they’ll barely have time to cook for themselves–bring a meal that can be easily reheated.

7. Don’t let the new baby chew on you. Instead, ask the parent what is appropriate to use.

8. Instead of offering to hold the baby while the new parents cooks or cleans, do it for them!

6. Keep in touch with the new parents. They can often feel isolated, or you may feel you’re interrupting their day. It’s nice to know that we have friends out there. Who knows, you might be their sanity lifeline! Little notes, quick phone calls, or even a basket of muffins left on their doorstep says, “I’m here for you.”

7. Offer to watch the older children to give mom and dad a little time alone with their newborn.


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