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Keep your love letters and read them over and over again.

Whatever happened to the good old-fashioned love letter? Meredith Sweetpea  remembers finding sets of love letters from her grandparents tied up with a satin ribbon. How delightful it was to read about their early courtship days in the early 1900s.

Today, with email and text messages, I believe the essential charm of receiving a hand-written love letter is lost. With a letter, the reader can hold and touch something that the other person held, which creates an intimate connection. Personal items can be inserted into the envelope. And seeing the handwriting of your loved one can spark anyone’s heart to flutter…male or female.

And although store-bought cards are nice, they are no substitute for the hand-written letter on beautiful stationery.

Excerpt from Living Romantically Every Day, by Barbara Taylor Bradford

Another of Meredith Sweetpea’s favorite books is Living Romantically Every Day, by Barbara Taylor Bradford. Today I’ll share an excerpt from her book, a section titled “The Incurable Romantic. Love Letters.”

Love Letter Tips for the Incurable Romantic

“You don’t need to be a pro to put ink to paper; you just need to be honest about what’s in your heart. Here are my recommendations for writing love letters:

  • Don’t be shy. Think of a love letter as an opportunity to say things that might make you blush or become tongue-tied in person.
  • Use a beautiful, heavy paper for your letter. You might also want to use a favorite pen that writes in an unusual ink to mark the letter as special.

    Love letter from Harry S. Truman to Bess, December 31, 1910

  • Handwriting your letter gives it a loving, personal touch that can’t be equaled by a computer.
  • You might use the letter to describe a special day the two of you spent together or another significance to your relationship. It’s also a chance to tell your partner exactly what you love about him [or her]!
  • Seal your letter with a wax seal, available from many stationers. Choose a romantic seal, such as a heart motif, or the Chinese character for the word “love.”
  • Buy a book of historic love letters. Not only can you read them aloud to each other, but you can use them as an inspiration for writing your own missives. I recommend Antonia Fraser’s Love Letters, which contains letters from Napoleon to Josephine, Winston Churchill to his wife Clementine, Thomas Jefferson to Maria Cosway, Sir Thomas More to Margaret Roper. It’s a marvelous anthology that makes a great gift, also.
  • If your spouse is traveling on business, send a love letter ahead of time to his [or her] hotel so it will be waiting for him [her] when he [she] arrrives.
  • While writing a love letter is a wonderful way to make a special occasion, don’t wait for a big event to put pen to paper. Receiving a love letter makes any day special!
  • Gather together your love letters, wrap them in ribbon, and store them in a special box. Be sure to read them again and again, and read them aloud to each other.

Do You Have Love Letter Stories to Share?

Have you written or received love letters? Share your feelings about them, or how you felt when you received one.


Order Living Romantically Every Day here.


Barbara Taylor Bradford

–Barbara Taylor Bradford is a best-selling English novelist. To date she has written 27 novels, all bestsellers on both side of the Atlantic. Her debut novel was “A Woman of Substance.” (source: Wikipedia)


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