Choosing the Right Fascinator for your Face Shape and Hair Color | Meredith Sweetpea

Vanessa Minnillo Lachey wears a fascinator that’s just right.

Matching your outfit is not the only way to select a fascinator. You might want to think about suiting your face shape or your hair color as well. Here are a few tips on which fascinator style might suit you best.

Meredith Sweetpea loves to wears hats and is so glad that hats and fascinators are becoming even more popular. Ever since the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, fascinator sales have risen 50% in the U.S.

Fascinators and Face Shape

Round Faces and Fascinators

If your face is round, try an asymmetrical-style fascinator, or angle your fascinator strongly on your head. You might look best in feathers that offer an asymmetrical feature. You also look good in styles in which the ornamentation is wider than the brim. You can wear larger styles, but attempt to avoid small fascinators.

Square Faces and Fascinators

A square face can often look masculine. Soften your femininity with feathers or veils, an abstract shape, angles, layers, or height. Your fascinator is best worn to the side.

Oval Faces and Fascinators

If your face is oval you are one of the lucky ones! You can wear just about any fascinator style. Try those with wider brims at a jaunty angle.

Narrow Faces and Fascinators

Women with narrow faces should try fascinators that provide width. They can look best in fascinators that angle across their brow or temple. Look for full brims or features, and try to avoid height that will make your face appear longer.

Angular Faces and Fascinators

An angular face is best softened with feminine and soft details such as veiling, feathers, or other ornamentation. Avoid sharp, square, or angular details.

Full or Wide Faces and Fascinators

If your face is full or wide, your best look keeps your fascinator off your face. Keep your styles to the back of the head, like a pillbox hat.

Heart-Shaped Faces and Fascinators

With a heart-shaped face, you can wear almost any fascinator. Larger styles may look better on you than smaller ones.

Eyeglasses and Fascinators

If you wear eyeglasses, try an upturned brim or an asymmetrical style.  Fascinators actually complement a person wearing glasses better than a hat does. Avoid tiny fascinators that will be overwhelmed by your glasses.

Fascinators and Hair Color

What color is your hair? The right fascinator can set off a brilliant hair color, while the wrong choice could get lost. Think about your four seasons color palette as well. Are you a spring, fall, winter, or summer?


Redheads are most often flattered by the earth tones. Try a fascinator in brown, camel, dark green, olive green, rust, or beige.


If you are blonde or light-haired, consider a fascinator in a warm or pastel color. You’ll look best in spring colors like rose, coral, green apple, or pale blue. Neutrals look good on you as well. Try a taupe, beige or navy fascinator as well.


Brunettes often look best in the bright and rich shades. Think jewel tones of topaz pink, deep purple, sapphire blue, emerald green, and neutrals in black and navy.

Fascinators and Height

Tall People and Fascinators

If you are tall, you can wear most of the fascinator styles with aplomb. You can even wear the larger styles. You might want to avoid towering heights, however, that may make you look as if you might topple at any minute.

Short People and Fascinators

Shorter people look best when the brim of their fascinator  turns upward. This gives the illusion of height and draws the eye upward. You can wear fascinators with decorations that also give height, but don’t wear them on the top of your head. Angle your fascinator slightly to the side for the best look.

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