Valentine Tea Party | Tea Parties

What better time of year to throw a fancy tea party than at Valentine’s Day. Meredith Sweetpea just loves thinking of all the pink possibilities!  Pink tea, pink cookies, pink tea cakes, pink decorations…

Here are some ideas to throw a Valentine tea party yourself.


Heart-shaped invitations are, of course, the way to go. Craft your own background and print out the details and attach them to your fancy heart.


  • Using a pink tablecloth with white plates and napkins, or vice versa sets a beautiful visual tone for your table.
  • Sprinkle glittery hearts all over the table for a festive look.
  • Decorate with pink and white balloons.
  • Create heart mobiles as a party craft and use them to decorate your party area.


  • Cupcakes are all the rage right now, so why not bake up a batch of your finest pink-iced ones. Decorate each with a candy heart.
  • This is the perfect time to serve raspberry tea with its brilliantly pink hue.
  • For a fun and foamy pink punch, combine one can of frozen pink lemonade concentrate, one carton of raspberry sherbet, and 36 ounces of 7-Up. To make single servings, make up the lemonade in a pitcher. In a dessert cup or tea cup, mix about a cup of lemonade with one scoop of sherbet and add 7-Up to taste.
  • Cut mini breads with a heart-shaped cookie cutter and fill with peanut butter and jelly or chicken salad.
  • Pretzels also look like hearts. Add some mini pretzels in a bowl for a fun snack food.


  • Making heart-shaped valentines is a fun craft at any Valentine party. Pull out the glue, red construction paper, and doilies and craft to your heart’s fancy.
  • Paint your nails a bright shade of pink!
  • Play Valentine Bingo, using candy conversation hearts as markers.
  • Set up your own heart hopscotch game. Sketch out the hopscotch board, and use hand-made felt hearts filled with beans to toss onto the squares.
  • Fill a jar with conversation heart candies and have guests guess how many are in the jar. The winner gets a prize!
  • Make heart mobiles by stringing together different heart shapes and hanging them from the chandelier or ceiling. Make them even more special by writing the name of someone you love on each heart.
  • Take a very large piece of red poster board and cut out a large heart in the middle to make a frame. Have each child hold up the frame pose for a special picture memory.
  • Pin the Heart on the Donkey. Instead of pinning a tail to a donkey, create cutout hearts with each attendee’s name on it to use as markers. Even better, find another picture, such as a Cupid to use.

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