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"Dinner Party" painting by Bobby Barredo

Meredith Sweetpea was attending a dinner party recently and found that she became annoyed at some of the rudeness of one of the dinner guests who was correcting his spouse at the table. She had been telling a story with animated excitement, to the enjoyment of all, and glossing over some of the more technical details in order to make the story flow. Her husband found it necessary to jump in and correct her, adding the more “correct” title or description of what she was describing. Something I found to be unnecessary to the story.

It ended up being awkward for all, and you could see the wife cringe each time he interrupted.

Sometimes it’s not necessary to be “right,” but more important to convey the general message in terms that everyone can understand.

The Do’s for a Good Conversation

  • Share the conversation. Let everyone take a turn.
  • Keep the talk interesting and light
  • Never embarrass your hostess
  • Never ask what something costs
  • Never use rude or shocking language
  • Keep personal problems private, especially at another person’s expense
  • Be sincere with your compliments
  • Correct your spouse’s etiquette, grammar, or behavior in private
  • Talk with the people on your left and right when dining
  • Be honest
  • Listen carefully
  • Be respectful
  • Learn to compromise

–Taken from Social Graces–Manners, Conversation and Charm for Today, by Ann Platz and Susan Wales.


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