Handing Out Your Business Card | Business Etiquette

Meredith Sweetpea attends a number of business functions at which she is asked for her business card. In North America and Europe, a business card is simply a way of capturing and conveying essential identification and contact information. However, in other countries, like Japan, the business card is seen as a representation of its owner, and proper business etiquette is essential to portray respect and honor. We’ll look at those customs in our next post.

Business Card Etiquette Tips

  • Your business card is a lasting representation of your first impression as a business professional. It should be clean, unbent, and easy to read.
  • Be sure to keep a plentiful supply of business cards on hand. You never know when you will need one.
  • Business cards can be exchanged at the beginning or the end of an initial meeting.
  • When doing business abroad, it may be advisable to have your business card printed on the back side in the language of the country with which you are doing business.
  • Present your business card with the writing face up. If you are delivering your two-sided card in your business contact’s language, be sure that their language is facing up.
  • Upon receiving a business card, be sure to look at it before putting it away. Make a comment, and clarify any information that is still needed or not understood.

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