Hold an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party | Tea Parties

Since we are so close to Halloween, wouldn’t it be fun to hold a dress-up Alice in Wonderland–or Mad Hatter–tea party for adults or children.

Meredith Sweetpea just adores a good themed tea party!

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party ideas

Alice in Wonderland Invitations:

  • Create a teacup- or teapot-shaped invitation telling your guests not to be late for a “very important date.”
  • You can address them from the Queen herself, the White Hare, or Alice.

Dress Up Ideas for your Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

  • Your guests can dress as characters from Alice in Wonderland–or their interpretation of those characters. You may assign each guest a different character to portray and let them design a costume that represents the character.
  • Your guests can come dressed in their best “Alice in Wonderland” outfits.
  • You can hand out rabbit ear headbands for your guests to wear.

Setting the Mad Hatter Tea Table

  • Create a long table and decorate it with teapots and teacups of all sizes.
  • Put a stuffed mouse into one of the teapots to represent the Dormouse.
  • If you have pink lawn flamingos, what a perfect time to use them.
  • Use a stuffed cat to represent the Cheshire Cat.
  • Use chairs of different sizes so that guests will sit at different heights.
  • Put a hand mirror on the table to represent The Looking Glass.
  • Decorate with red and white roses, and a red and white theme.
  • Set one or more copies around of the Alice in Wonderland books as part of your table decorations.


Order Your Own Alice in Wonderland Tea Sets!

Alice in Wonderland Tea PotOrder a darling Alice in Wonderland Tea Pot for a customized table setting.

Or select a set of Alice in Wonderland Tea Cups and Saucers to really bring your party to life.


Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Games

  • If you can find hedgehog-shaped plush toys (such as those by Beanie Babies), you can use them as the balls for a game of croquet. Otherwise, set up a regular croquet game on the lawn.
  • Set up your pink flamingo yard stakes around the game, you can even use them as wickets.
  • Play chess. Mark out a large chess board on your lawn and have your guests be the players. A designated player can call out each move.
  • Play “Pin the Grin” on the Cheshire Cat (a variation of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.”)
  • Have your guests read silly riddles.
  • Paint your own teapots.
  • Play Forfeits.

Food and Drink at your Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

  • Label bottles and plates with “Eat Me” and “Drink Me” labels
  • Serve toast and jam
  • Have card-shaped cookies decorates with the different suit symbols: diamond, cloverleaf, spade and heart.
  • Have hard boiled eggs.
  • Serve scones and lemon curd.
  • Serve Queen of Hearts tarts.
  • Serve decorative tea sandwiches.
  • Serve tea.

Send me a picture of your Alice in Wonderland tea party!


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