Hold a Pink Princess Tea Party | Dress Up Tea Parties

What girl wouldn’t enjoy being a princess on her special day!

Once upon a time a little girl dreamed of being a princess…

Why not make that dream come true by holding a princess tea party for your little girl and her friends?

Ideas for a Pink Princess Tea Party

  • Dress up the birthday girl and all her girlfriends in fancy dresses and crowns…the more pink the better!

Dress up the Pink Tea Party Table

  • Dress up the table with a pink tablecloth, napkins, and centerpiece.
  • Wrap the back of each chair with pink tulle ribbon and make a large bow on the outside back of each chair.

Princess Tea Party Games and Activities

  • Give each girl a magic wand and hold a treasure hunt for beautiful jewels, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other magical trinkets. The girls can use these items to add to their dress up.
  • Read or create a princess story and have each attendee act out a role in the story. Of course, the birthday girl gets to be the princess. Stories about princesses can be fun!
  • Hold a jewel hunt. Hide oversize plastic jewels around the house and let your guests search for them. Give each girl a jewel or treasure chest to keep her crown jewels in.
  • Practice royal manners…learn how to curtsey and how to drink tea without raising the pinky finger! Pretend you’re having a meeting with the Queen and learn what the royals know about princess-ly behavior.

Pink Princess Tea Party Foods

  • Offer up a royal feast with fancy sandwiches, and petit fours or small cakes.
  • Make pink-iced cupcakes and top each with a sugar crown.
  • Put a large marshmallow on a skewer and dip the end into pink frosting. “Plant” each skewer into a flowerpot for a cute and edible centerpiece.
  • Serve pink lemonade served in tea cups.

It’s fun being a princess for a day!


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