Proper Chewing Gum Disposal | Manners & Etiquette for Children & Teens

Meredith Sweetpea had a funny conversation with a teacher friend who was setting up her classroom for the new school year and complaining about the dried chewing gum she found stuck to the bottoms of the chairs and desks…and other unmentionable places!

So that prompted me to write a brief lesson on proper disposal of your gum.

First of all, you should not be chewing gum in school.  That being said, children will still chew gum in school, so let’s do a quick review…

Where NOT to dispose of your gum:

  • On the floor
  • Stuck to the bottom of a chair, counter, desk or any other piece of furniture or fixture
  • In the grass
  • On the street
  • On the side of your plate
  • In a cloth napkin
  • In a water fountain
  • In a urinal or toilet
  • Someone’s personal property

The proper way to dispose of chewed gum

The best way to dispose of your chewed gum is to deposit it into  the original wrapper, wrap it up, and toss it into an available trash can. If the wrapper is not available, a tissue or any other scrap of paper will do.

Discretion is called for in this situation. The gum should be gathered directly from the mouth into the wrapper if possible.  If the fingers are used, touch the tip of your fingers to your tongue to moisten them. This will keep the gum from sticking to the fingers and causing a sticky mess.  Remember to wash your hands after you are done.

Spitting your gum directly into a trash can should be your last option, and should only be done when nobody else is around.

BONUS! Chewing gum removal tips

As a bonus, here is a great web page that talks about time-tested ways to remove chewing gum from a variety of surfaces.

Do you have any funny gum stories you can share?

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