The Rule on Kissing | Victorian Etiquette

Proper kissing

From the category of “Who Knew?” Meredith Sweetpea was surprised to find that there was a Victorian rule on kissing!  Read on to see what Victorians thought.

Victorian Rule on Kissing

KISSING: The gentleman must be taller than the lady he intends to kiss. Take her right hand in yours and draw her gently to you; press her to your bosom; at the same time she will throw her head back, and you have nothing to do but lean a little forward and press your lips to hers, and the thing is done.

Don’t make a noise over it as if you were firing off shooting crackers, nor pounce down upon it like a hungry hawk upon an innocent dove, but gently fold the damsel in your arms without smashing her standing collar or spoiling her spittles, or breaking her hoops, or treading on her toes, and by a sweet pressure upon her mouth, revel in the blissfulness of your situation, without smacking your lips over it as you would over a glass of lager beer.

–Excerpted from the Daily Times, Leavenworth, Kansas, 20 November 1863, p3, c2.


One Response

  1. I like that advice. Haha. Very comical for a supposed ‘guide’, bearing in mind the time period we are dealing with here, as well. 🙂


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