Twenty Questions | Old Fashioned Games

During the Victorian Age, children and adults enjoyed playing Twenty Questions, and Meredith Sweetpea has been known to enjoy this game as well.

One person thinks of a person, place or thing/object, but keeps that thought a secret from the other players.

The other players then have the opportunity to ask the thinker questions to guess what that thing might be.

The only answer the designated person can give though is “yes” or “no.”

The game continues until the answer is guessed or a total of 20 questions have been asked—whichever comes first.


Designated person:  Thinks of a car.

Sample Questions:

  1. Is it a person?  “No.”
  2. Is it an object?  “Yes.”
  3. Is it bigger than a breadbox?  “Yes.”
  4. Does it have a motor?  “Yes.”
  5. Is it used around the house?  “No.”
  6. Is it something people can pick up? “No.”
  7. etcetera

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