13 Things a Child Should NEVER Do in a Restaurant | Manners & Etiquette

Miss Meredith Sweetpea is excited when children get asked out to a restaurant. What a fun experience!

But things can go wrong and I’m sure you don’t want to be the cause of it! So as a reminder, here are 13 things a child should never do in a restaurant:

  1. Blow through a straw. This means not blowing bubbles in the beverage glass and not blowing off the straw wrapper.
  2. Crawl under the table.  For any reason.
  3. Talk or laugh loudly enough for the people at the next table to hear.
  4. Touch or grab the hostess or waiter/waitress.
  5. Entertain himself or herself by mixing the contents of containers on the table such as the salt and pepper or sugar dispensers.
  6. Play practical jokes such as loosening caps on salt, pepper, ketchup, or other containers on the table.
  7. Change his or her mind about his or her order after the waiter has taken the order and left the table.
  8. Grab food off a plate, especially one other than his or her own.
  9. Chew with his or her mouth open.
  10. Place food into any other part of the body other than the mouth.
  11. Spit anything from the mouth back onto the plate.
  12. Stack the plates and silverware after the meal is finished. Leave them in place until the server removes them.
  13. Swipe the tip.

What suggestions can you add to this list?


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