Meredith Sweetpea’s Introduction

I’m Meredith Sweetpea, an old-fashioned girl who likes old-fashioned entertainment, etiquette, and living.  The simpler times in life.  I enjoy entertaining friends with bygone amusements and dress-up tea parties to keep alive the time when folks would gather together in communities to share their lives and talents rather than sit home alone in front of their glowing television screens or video games.

This blog will entertain, amuse, and inform its readers on the joys and etiquette of Victorian and turn-of-the-century 1900s living, and we’ll see how most of these practices are still in existence today.  We’ll harken back to them and restore a sense of civility and simple old-fashioned fun to our world.  We’ll experience how to enjoy gracious living again.

Let’s discuss the modern-day etiquette and everyday challenges of today’s world, at home, with friends, in social situations, in school, and in life in general.  Share with me your questions and challenges and we’ll make this an interactive forum for exploring old ways of doing new things.

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